ASOS Wishlist: November 2016

12:34:00 PM


As the holiday season approaches, the amount of time I spend online shopping seems to increase. Of course, I'm not actually buying anything, but I love to get inspiration and add pieces to my Wishlist. In case any of you are interested in the items below, I linked them all to make the temptation of buying something just that much greater.

I love these pieces for the start of fall, especially the first jacket, which I might just have to buy for myself once Christmas rolls around. The most stunning item though has to be the vintage floral jacket. Unfortunately, it's not available on the U.S Asos website. Additionally, you can never go wrong with adding a great pair of skinny pants, some cute flats and a sheer romper to your closet.








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  1. Love your wishlist, especially the velvet coat and the vintage blazer!