Brands Support Planned Parenthood on Black Friday

By: Valeria Ramos

A recent article on Yahoo Style featured a group of designers who started an initiative called #WomenTogether which will donate 5% of the brands' Black Friday proceeds to Planned Parenthood. The intiative is being led by Apiece Apart, a New York based clothing brand with a mission to make this year's Black Friday more meaningful. 

Other brands involved in this initiative include Ace and Jig, Creatures of Comfort, Electric Feathers, Kathleen Whitaker, Jesse Kamm, Lauren Manoogian, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Rachel Corney and Ulla Johnson.  

Co-Founder of Apiece Apart, Laura Cramer spoke to Yahoo Style about the reason behind their efforts, "Planned Parenthood has become a political target when in fact Planned Parenthood saves lives, protects women's reproductive health, and fights for women equality though her right to choose."  

 I think this initiative is incredibly inspiring and is something that is very much needed right now. Right now, Planned Parenthood needs more support than ever and what better way to give back, than through fashion? 

Cramer went on to say, "We aim to inspire, support, and connect. Now more than ever we must speak for what is right - especially for our community. We are mothers, daughter, sisters, friends - and we support Planned Parenthood and a woman's right to chose." 

Check out the full interview on Yahoo Style for more information and  interviews from more designers involved in the initiative.