Gisele Büdchen Promotes Forest Preservation

Two of my favorite topics: Gisele Bûdchen and initiatives to preserve the environment. 

If you didn't already know, supermodel and environmental activist Gisele will be a part of a National Geographic series called "Years of Living Dangerously," which is set to premiere tonight. The show will feature different stories on areas affected by climate change. One of these locations is the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Gisele's native country. 

Gisele's use of her platform to bring awareness to environmental issues and be a part of an initiative like this is something more celebrities and influencers should do. After all, real change is initiated when people come together. 

The show will shed a light on environmental issues not only the Amazon Rainforest, but all around the world. While the cause of these issues will definitely be highlighted throughout the show, so will solutions and steps we can all take to contribute to the conservation of our planet.

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