My Interview with Larsen Thompson

By: Valeria Ramos

Dancer, Actress, Model - three words that 16 year old powerhouse Larsen Thompson personifies.
 You might recognize the freckled beauty from the countless viral dance videos she's starred in, including Sia's "The Greatest, " or from one of the many TV commercials, ads or magazine features she's worked on. In light of all this success, I was eager to talk to Larsen about her blooming career in both the entertainment and fashion industries.

 While at a ripe age of 16, one might suppose Larsen is only just beginning her career, but in reality, she is no stranger to the world of fashion and dance. Having already laid down the foundation of a successful career and worked with several amazing brands, Larsen is only going to keep getting bigger and better.

Photos Courtesy NEXT Models

How did you start modeling? 
I started modeling when I was nine years old. I was doing a commercial for Target and they asked if I  wanted to work on their print campaign too. Ever since, I've fallen in love with being in front of the camera and working for amazing brands. 

How do your abilities as a dancer transfer into your work as a model?
Dancing has given me confidence and movement which are very complimentary and helpful in my modeling career. 

How have fashion and dance influenced your style?
Dancing is a form of art that allows me to express myself. I feel the same way with fashion, where I can share my own personal style. 

This year, you went to New York Fashion Week, what was that experience like?
This year was a blast because I got to experience several different shows, meet with fashion designers, and personally co-hosted an event with Shaun Ross sponsored by Guess. The highlight of the trip was attending Betsey Johnson's show where Flo Rida and Ariana Grande performed & I loved the fashion!


What has been your favorite job so far, and why?
My favorite job was working with Betsey Johnson recently. She is a fashion icon and someone that I look up to and am inspired by. 

What are your goals for the upcoming year?
I would love to walk the runways of Paris, London and Milan now that I'm sixteen. Secondly, I want to continue to work on my acting career and would love the opportunity to be in a feature film or television series. 

What are your 3 favorite items in your closet right now? 
Denim jacket with patches from PacSun, silk romper from Latiste clothing, and Betsey Johnson slip-on pom pom shoes. 


With the amount of accomplishments under the 16 year old's belt already, there's no limit to what Larsen will achieve in the future and I look forward to watching her career grow. You can follow Larsen on Instagram @larsenthompson, and check out her IMDb page, her NEXT Models portfolio, or her website to see more of her work.