Sara Castillo On How to Make It In Fashion PR

By: Valeria Ramos

As a college student with an interest in fashion industry careers, I have done a lot of research on several jobs in the industry that appeal to my interest in communication studies. One career in particular that I have been learning more about recently is Fashion PR. 

Despite my research, I have learned that nothing is more beneficial than talking to someone who is actually working in the industry with real experience and advice. 

To learn more about Fashion PR and what it entails, I interviewed Sara Castillo, senior account executive for beauty and lifestyle brands at SweetAd.

A Tamaulipas native with a resume that covers both New York City and Mexico City, Sara has been working in the industry long enough to share some of her first-hand experience and advice on what it takes to make it in PR.

Sara Castillo
 IG @thestreetstyler_

How did you get started in PR? Was it something you were always interested in?
To be honest, like many students, I wasn't sure what PR was. What got me moving was that I started doing internships in New York during my college summers. Sometimes I did two internships at a time. I just took any opportunity I had to build my resume and honestly, that was the thing that got me really curious in the field to learn, gain experience and know that PR was what I wanted to do. It's one of those majors you really have to like to work it in. 

What did you major in?
Communication Studies - Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations

What responsibilities and tasks come with your job?
You have to very organized and not be afraid to raise your voice. In PR, you have to meet a lot of people everyday, keep the communication, be able to negotiate smartly, and most of all, be willing to do everything: from running errands and writing long press releases to organizing events. I always tell my friends: It is never as glamorous as it seems. But if you build the character, work hard every day as the first one and at the same time keep your feet on the group, you will make it very far. 

What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of your job?
My favorite part is that I have access to a lot of people and in the case of beauty - I get to learn from top specialists in field: from beauty editors to the top stylists in the country. I love learning because I implement that in my personal life with my family and friends. I also have access to cool events sometimes as a guest.

What are some projects or events that you have worked on that have been your favorite?
All of them! Every project is different. While in New York, I enjoyed working in a couple of independent shows during NYFW and here in Mexico, one of my favorite events was a presentation fro an international beauty brand - it was my first big event in Mexico and all the editors loved it! I also love every time I get to do a pitch for a new account, be it in fashion or beauty, because I get to explore a little more creativity and it gets really fun. 

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a career in Fashion PR?
Start NOW! Don't wait until you graduate because there's always somebody else willing to take that opportunity. PR is more about experience and the connections you build along the way. Start during college in related jobs because not only will you build your resume but you will figure out if it's something you're really into. PR is not glamorous, and it is not only about cool events. it is hard work and dedication.