Inside the world of Nufferton with Creative Director Henrik Düfke

By: Valeria Ramos

There is a common saying in fashion (which you will probably read in Heidi Klum's voice) that goes, "In fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out." Stockholm-based loungewear brand Nufferton is an exception to this saying for the simple reason that everyone will always love a great pair of pajamas.

I interviewed Henrik Düfke, creative director at Nufferton, to find out how a line that launched only 7 months ago came to life and gained success, as well as what the future may hold for a label that celebrates two essentials in life:  sleep and creativity. 

Düfke shared that Nufferton was originally thought up in London, where he and creative partner Felipe Montt were working at the time. "We had this idea of creating a platform where we could realize all brilliant and stupid ideas we have for fashion, design, film, photography, music and art. In combination with a passion for slacking, the idea of a loungewear label was born."

The next step for Nufferton included a move back to Stockholm and the joining of left and right minds as Henrik and Felipe met their business partners Adam Lindberg and Eva Mattsson. "Felipe and I love everything on the creative side but get a migraine of everything else," said Düfke, "That's why Adam now takes care of business and Eva manages the production. We immediately gave her the job title Head of Headache." 

Düfke's role as creative director for Nufferton sounds like a dream job (no pun intended). A Gothenburg native with a background in advertising, Düfke shares his favorite part of the job involves being his own boss. "Since I come from an industry where it's all about meeting clients' needs and doing work for other brands, it's extremely liberating to finally get to call the shots. We make decisions on our gut feeling all the time and we always choose integrity before commercialism. We get to make the most stupid decisions without anyone saying no, which is terrifying but awesome."


Alongside Felipe Montt, Düfke's responsibilities as creative director revolve around creative management. "We created the brand and the visual identity, we design the products and make the collections, we do the shoots and lookbooks, we pick photographers, directors and stylists, we come up with the ideas for all marketing activities, we handle social media, we write and design everything basically," he said. 

One of many aspects that has been responsible for Nufferton's success is their ability to stand out among other loungewear brands. "Our aesthetics are rooted in our Swedish heritage, but we're probably more colorful and playful than most other Scandinavian brands. Nufferton is also a creative forum where we collaborate with our favorite artists, designers, photographer, directors, writers and musicians."


For having launched only less than a year ago, Nufferton has already received plenty of great press from the likes of, HypeBeast and more. "It's been one hell of a ride," said Düfke, "We've been live for only 7 months but it feels more like 7 years. The response from the press, from creative industries and from consumers has been incredible."

However, the past 7 months are only a preview of what is to come for Nufferton. The label's goals for 2017 include "finding the right retailers and partners" in major fashion cities, "doing one major collab with some brand, creative or store," and "launching 4 different film projects." While this may seem like a lot of work for one year, keep in mind that we're talking about a label that was established in less time than that.

Finally, as with all fashion industry people I interview, I asked Düfke what his advice was for anyone seeking a career in the industry. "My path into fashion has clearly been an odd one, coming from the world of advertising, graphic design and branding. And pajamas probably isn't the first thing you associate with high fashion. So perhaps that's my advice - find your own odd way, no matter how weird or unconventional it may be. Instead of launching yet another ready-to-wear label, maybe you should create a mono brand that does only lederhosen? Now that's a horrific idea, but you get the point," he said.

Thank you to Henrik at Nufferton for the interview. I enjoyed learning about a loungewear line that exudes creativity and fun. The only thing I regret not asking is whether or not Nufferton's employees can go to work in their pajamas.