Emma Watson Promotes Eco-Friendly Fashion on Press Tour

By: Valeria Ramos

It is no secret that Emma Watson is a pretty amazing woman. Acting abilities and beauty aside, Emma is an active feminist and humanitarian. As the press for Beauty & the Beast begins this month, Emma created a new Instagram account, @the_press_tour, to share her outfits along the way - all of which are made by eco-friendly designers using conscious materials.

This stunning look (and my favorite so far) is a Louis Vuitton dress made from Newline recycled polyester, which comes from used plastic bottles! It is the perfect mix of elegant and edgy and I am obsessed with how this was styled. 

The press tour's first stop is Paris, and Emma's first outfit was a chic look, appropriately paired with a beret and a gorgeous coat from Stella McCartney. Emma's captions share where her clothes are from and what makes her outfits eco-friendly.

For the coat,"Stella has spent years developing ways of using materials such as regenerated cashmere, recycled fabrics, organic cotton and forest-friendly fabrics." As for the sweater, "@filippa_k, a Swedish brand committed to the 4 R's - reducing, repairing, reusing and recycling." And finally, the vegan leather shoes, "@goodguysdontwearleather doesn't use any animal products in its collections." 

Emma's second look was for the first ever screening of Beauty & the Beast, to which she wore an Oscar de la Renta number made with organic silk and wool as part of Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia's first collection as Co-Creative Directors. Paired with organic silk pumps from Burberry, the finished product was an chic and powerful look that was pulled off effortlessly. 

As she continues working on this press tour, I look forward to seeing more of her outfits and applaud her for promoting a great message through the eco-friendly clothing of great designers. To keep up with Emma, follow @the_press_tour