The Importance of Feminism in the Fashion Industry

By: Valeria Ramos

If you've been keeping up with NYFW, you would know that several designers have incorporated feminist ideals into their collections. I personally think this is a great thing, after all, fashion is a form of expression. From Valentino's "We Should All Be Feminists" tees, to Prabal Gurung's Fall collection and more, there have been several examples this season of fashion being used to convey powerful messages. 

Despite this, it is only a matter of time before the designs and graphics of these designers will be copied and converted into fast fashion pieces by large retailers like Forever 21 and Zara, who are notorious for their replication of designer clothing. While I have nothing against the spreading of feminism through fashion, I can't help but question the intention of companies who are only focused on profit. 

Designers have such a large platform not only in the fashion community, but in the entire world. For this reason, it is no wonder they have been stepping outside of the norm and incorporating inspirational messages that support and promote women through clothing. Here are a few designers who incorporated the celebration and support of women in their collections:

Prabal Gurung

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gurung shared that he was inspired by the Women's March he attended in New York City. His graphic tees are an obvious reflection of that and are already a popular favorite among style influencers everywhere. "To me, feminism is not just a trending topic. It's the only way I've ever known, even before I knew what [feminsm] was," he said to THR. Gurung added that he believes "more than ever, fashion and politics should mix." Personally, I couldn't agree more. 


Tome's Fall collection was also inspired by the Women's March but in a less obvious way. There were no graphic tees or models carrying posters, but the girl power was still present. Tome partnered up with the Guerrilla Girls, a female art coalition fighting for women's rights around the world. I enjoyed this collection because it the clothes spoke for themselves without a need for quotes and slogans. In an interview with Vogue, Tome's Ryan Lobo stated,"I think it's important, that no matter whether you're a fashion designer or an activist, that you make a statement and speak whenever you have the opportunity." At the show's finale, designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin took a bow in Planned Parenthood t-shirts. 

Two of my favorite subjects are fashion and politics. Seeing them come together makes me feel inspired. I feel that artists, designers, and writers have a powerful ability to convey messages and emotions through their own unique mediums that no one else has. This ability gives them to power to make a difference. In my opinion, to not use that power or voice would be a waste of talent. 

Photos Courtesy THR & Allure