Jewelry Designer Christian Petersen on creating House of Bourgeois

By: Valeria Ramos

Christian Petersen began his journey into the world of jewelry in 2004, when he started designing as a "side hobby." What began as an Etsy shop quickly grew into what is now the successful jewelry line, House of Bourgeois.

Established in 2015, House of Bourgeois is known for its edgy and modern aesthetic. When asked to define his brand, Petersen decides on, "modern, affordable luxury." His pieces easily reflect this, with fresh designs that are created in excellent quality. 

"My inspiration was to design quality, affordable jewelry that was edgy and unique. Most of my rings are under $100 and they are all made of 925 sterling silver." Petersen shares. "I wanted to offer something different that everyone could afford."

In order to achieve the precise cut and symmetry of his pieces, Petersen incorporates technology into his design process. "So many of my designs are based on geometry and shapes. This can only be fully achieved by computer-aided design."

HOB's  Jaws ring - a personal favorite of Petersen's and of his 90 year old Grandma.
As a designer, Petersen shares that his favorite part of his job revolves around his customers. "I am always anxious to see what my customers think. This is such an intimate form of art. It is so cool to think that people are wearing my creations everyday," he said.

Like many creative thinkers, Petersen's design process is not uniform or predictable. "Sometimes I can come up with an entire collection quickly, and at other times, it has taken me months. I have many designs that I have thought of in my dreams, woke up and immediately started drawing. I guess it all boils down to my feelings and intuition at the time, " he shares. 

With plans to open shop in Japan this year, House of Bourgeois shows no signs of slowing down. Petersen, who advises others to "step outside the box, and [not] be afraid to be different," is the driving force behind a label keen on leaving a mark on the jewelry industry.