Summer Wardrobe Essentials At Zara

9:10:00 PM

Zara Spring/Summer Campaign 2016

The best season for shopping is here! Spring not only brings great weather and blooming flowers but the best fashion as well. Around this time of year, I always get very anxious for school to end and for Summer to begin. 

I recently made some purchases at Zara which I am really looking forward to wearing and styling in different ways this Summer. With a two week long trip to Europe coming up, I plan on getting creative when it comes to styling so I can wear certain pieces multiple times. 

In addition to sharing my purchases, I have included some of my other top picks, which would have made their way into my closet by now if it weren't for an annoying little thing called "saving money."

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  1. Yasss, it's the best time for us to shop as well as we live in the tropics. I love the white shirt with bows you picked. Great post xx