The Story of Ukrainian Stylist Sasha Troshchynska

By: Valeria Ramos

Sasha Troshchynska is a Ukraine native who has been working as a fashion stylist for more than 5 years. Only a year and a half ago, she relocated to the Big Apple to grow her career in the fashion industry and today, her work is featured in stunning editorials for magazines like Elle. 

"I always had a passion for fashion. When I was a little girl, I liked to wear my mom's wedding dress at home and tried to customize my clothes to look like couture from the TV," she said. 

Since then, Sasha's creativity has been put to use in creating images that not only sell clothes, but tell stories. 

"The best inspiration I get is from the art of passionate and talented people, street style, history and cinematography," she shared "For me, it has to be more than just a nice picture with clothes from the runway. It has to be a story with sense. Everyone who looks at it, has to read it."

Sasha's work for Elle Bulgaria, Photographed by Joseph Chen

Her latest and biggest editorial was for this month's issue of Elle Bulgaria. "The Actress," was shot in New York by photographer Joseph Chen. 

Despite helping to create stunning images, Sasha admits to being a perfectionist when it comes to styling. "When I look back at my work, I'm usually not satisfied. But this is how we learn from our mistakes. Every shooting is special for me," she said.

Sasha's work for Elle Bulgaria

While shooting editorials means being surrounded by clothing worth thousands of dollars, Sasha shares there is a great deal of responsibility required in her fast paced and creative career. 

"The best [part of the job] is the creative process and the worst is organizing," she said "Good preparation means a lot because you have to deal with tons of expensive designer clothes and be careful. The main thing is not to lose your passion in the creative part during the preparation process."

Part of this preparation process includes trying to get a hold of pieces from the newest designer collections, planning, and of course, executing a final image. "It's always challenging and there is no time for stopping and catching a breath."

Despite the challenges, Sasha shares her love for the job outweighs everything. "I like to be challenged. There are a lot of amazing creatives in the industry to work with, and in New York City, everything feels possible," she said. 

Sasha's work for Elle Bulgaria

Sasha shares that best thing about the inconsistency of her career is "unstoppable development," which says a lot about her work ethic and drive. 

Her advice to others pursuing a career in styling or the industry in general is to be honest with yourself and humble. "It doesn't matter on which position a person is, you have to be polite and nice to all the people you meet when you are building your career." 

And finally, for the creatives out there, "keep you eyes open, as inspiration is on every corner."

You can follow Sasha on IG @sasha_troshchynska or check out her portfolio to see more of her work.