4 Summer Trends As Recommended By A Professional Stylist

By: Valeria Ramos

I recently interviewed fashion stylist Sasha Troshchynska and got to know more about her profession, her accomplishments and her advice for those seeking employment in the fashion industry. 

With Spring in full bloom and Summer right around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to get some styling tips and trend insight from an expert like Sasha. 

Here's her take on 4 trends that will complete the perfect Summer wardrobe:

1. Bright Colors 

"I'm obsessed with hot crazy pink and yellow colors. Love them in the Summer!"

2. Dramatic Shoulders

"Really cool that oversized and round sleeves are back. I like it with an accent on the waist."

3. Robe Coats

"They're a really interesting and chic option for a Summer night out. They can be worn solo with nice heels or sneakers and just as a cape with a nice casual outfit. It usually brings some drama to the look."

4. Pleats

"I love them in every season!"

One final, overall styling tip from Sasha that can be applied to any outfit, regardless of season, is a phrase I personally abide by - "Less is more." 

"Sexy is not just a naked body. Being sexy in clothes - that's the target," she said "The same is with being stylish - it's inside you, it has to come from your eyes and from your mind."

To see more of Sasha's work in fashion stylist, follow her on Instagram.