5 Runway Trends From New York Fashion Week

With the release of new spring 2018 ready-to-wear collections comes a new wave of trends that people will either buy into, or avoid at all costs. Since New York fashion week is now over, and every fashionista is headed to London and Milan, I have rounded up the top 5 trends from the runways of several designers that will hopefully be a good source of style inspiration for the coming seasons.

1. Fringe

A favorite among designers, the fringe trend is no rookie when it comes to the runway. Fringe comes back just about every other season in different ways. This season, it was incorporated by so many designers into eccentric dresses and skirts, unconventional bags,  earrings and more! 

2. Blazers

This classic wardrobe essential dominated New York fashion week both on the runway and in the streets. Chic blazers created powerful looks perfect for both work and play, which can be styled in so many different ways. Mini skirts give blazers a feminine edge while a great pair of matching pants complete a monochromatic look. Jason Wu and Tibi introduced fresh ways to style blazers while Victoria Beckham and Tom Ford opted for more oversized, boxy silhouettes.

3. Red

Vibrant colors were incorporated in so many collections this season, but none more repetitive than a bright, beautiful red. Dresses, pants, blazers and just about every accessory this season came in several hues of red. The eye-catching color was also a popular choice in street style, as many fashionistas ditched their all black city looks for bright red ensembles.

4. White Boots

Every fashion lover knows the best way to elevate any outfit is with a great pair of shoes. Several designers chose to style their collections this season with white boots of all shapes and styles. From classic lace-up boots to chunky ankle and knee booties, designers made me realize just how many variations of a simple white boot there are. 

5. Overcoats

According to this New York fashion week trend, every fashionista will be investing in a gorgeous overcoat for their wardrobe. Whether bright and colorful, simple or patterned, overcoats can add a cool, sophisticated vibe to any outfit without any effort on your part.

There were obviously many more trends running throughout the latest collections at New York fashion week, and with 3 more cities left to go for fashion week, it can seem almost impossible to keep up. The truth is, while trends are initiated by designers, they are only as strong as an individual's styling. Whether you love these new trends or not, sometimes defying them can be just as fun and fashionable as following them.