Milan's 'IT' Factor: Highlights From Fashion Week

Italian style is well regarded for many reasons, but being understated is certainly not one of them. However, it can often seem as though Milan Fashion Week is the most underrated week of all fashion month locations. The ingenuity of London and New York are home to conceptualists and altogether more "out there" designers. Meanwhile, Paris holds the classic/chic crown for being home to greats like Chanel and YSL. So, where does Milan fit into the equation, and what void does it fill in the fashion month hole?

It would appear this season, the void Milan filled was color and catharsis. In a time of political turmoil, the eye-catching colors and bold designs presented created a sense of escapism, if only for a few moments. Here are my three stand out shows from Milan, in a week filled with fashion greatness all around.

Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio in Milan during Fashion Week (photo: Style du Monde)

Italian "It Girls," Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio have been the designer duo to watch since 2016, having created the vintage-inspired brand Attico, which combines their two styles (classic for Giorgia and bold for Gilda). When interview by Buro247, the pair cite vintage shops and flea markets  amongst their sources of inspiration, which would explain the unique, classic feel of Attico pieces.

Ambrosio and Tordini's spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection did not disappoint. Held in a lavish apartment, the presentation was like a party filled with glamorous girls wearing dreamy dresses. The collection was bursting with color and bold prints while also giving off a seductive simplicity. Silk and feathers were featured prominently throughout the collection, creating a luxury, party girl feel you'd expect from a such a stylish duo like Tordini and Ambrosio.

At Gucci, which was arguably the most hyped show of the week, guest were plunged into a different world. Although the time period of that world wasn't quite clear, the set consisted of Greek and Roman statues, effigies of Egyptian Gods and part of an Aztec temple. The half-lit, smoky atmosphere highlighted Alessandro Michele's goal of immersing his guests into another world. The clothes themselves exude eccentricity, giving off 80's glam vibes mixed with Disney and SEGA motifs. The production as a whole made for an overwhelming while also fascinating watch (even via livestream).

Vivetta is a brand I wasn't familiar with until this season. The Florence based label creates whimsical, dreamy clothes that seem like they belong in a fairytale. This season, designer Vivetta Ponti collaborated with Andrey Remev, a Russian artist, to create a fanciful collection with fluffy A-line short dresses, flirty ruffled blouses and ripped denim jeans covered in ostrich feathers. With a color palette that wouldn't look out of place in a Ladurée store window, the clothes transport the audience to an idyllic, whimsical utopia for a few moments of their day.

No matter which of the "Big Four" fashion cities you enjoy the most for fashion week,  it can't be denied that Milan remains a special place for Italian designers to create collections that continue to inspire fashion lovers from all around the world.