A Minimalist's Guide to Traveling

By: Alexandra Partida

With the start of fall, we being to settle into our comfy sweaters, blankets and hot teas. However, it is never to early to start planning for a warm vacation whether it be this winter break, or next summer. Every year, the anticipation of getting organized and ready for a trip to a new destination can be an exciting, yet dreadful experience.

Going on my first big trip at eight years old, I wanted to take everything with me. Teddy bear? Yes, please. Three books for a one week trip? Check. However, as a proud shopaholic, the consequences of carrying some extra pounds in my luggage, half of which were not even put to use, quickly became a burden. Over the years, I've been able to train myself to travel more efficiently and lightly. Although I may not be a true minimalist, here are my top three tips for traveling with ease that I've found to be quite useful.

1. Simplify your everyday routine

If you have an extensive beauty or everyday maintenance routine, try lightening your load. Those four hair products you think you'll use will probably be better off resting on your bathroom counter at home. Being on vacation should be all about low maintenance, and there's nothing worse than hauling unnecessary items that you and your luggage can live without. 

2. Follow the one week rule

No matter how many weeks you actually plan on staying somewhere, tell yourself you will only be there for one week. Thinking this way will allow you to pack less and save more room for things you might collect during your trip (bonus points if you're able to fit everything in your carry-on). Even if you're not a big shopper, checking in with less in your bag will be more of a breeze and save you plenty of time. 

3. Quality over quantity

While you many feel the need to carry five different pairs of shoes for each day of the week, traveling is all about flaunting your favorite vacation outfits. Focus on lightweight tops, pants and dresses that you can mix and match.  Ultimately it's about wearing the items you know will make you feel good. 

Minimalism is something you have to get used to, and although it's hard to implement it fully into my life, it's something I like to challenge myself with. A vacation is the best time to relax and leave your routined life back at home. It's about trying new things, experiencing a different lifestyle, and living a little lighter.

Images: Tumblr