Say Hello to Maximalism

By: Pauline Esguerra

As minimalism gets exed out this fall season, I've been absolutely loving the maximalism trend. Incorporated through bold prints, colors, jewelry, shoes and even silhouettes - maximalism is shining a light on the world of fashion once again. Maximalism is a daring fashion statement within outfits; it's when you think something might be a little too much, but you wear it anyway. As a true minimalist at heart, many of my outfits tend to look the same, which is why becoming a maximalist was a slow, yet fun process that allowed me to turn a new leaf in my life. 

If you've been looking for a change or even if you're just dipping your toe into this new trend, updating your wardrobe is the perfect way to start! Here are some simple tips on how to revamp your wardrobe and make a statement this season. 

1. Bright and Bold

Minimalists tend to reach for neutral shades like black, white, tan and denim, or, if you feeling a little wild, maybe even olive green. However, the best way to get out of this neutral style rut is to rock a bold-colored monochromatic outfit. Luckily, bold, colorful looks have been a popular trend this season. For fall specifically, stick to reds, yellows or purples. Not only will wearing bold colors boost your confidence and mood, but it will allow you to mix it up with patterns and have fun with fashion.

2. Wearing Neutrals is Okay

If you simply can't stray away from your beloved neutral colors, or if the bold color inventory is slim to none in your wardrobe, try making a statement with bold silhouettes. Keep in mind that more is more when it comes to maximalism. The bolder, the better, which is why playing around with ornamental lengths and sizes can make a simple, neutral outfit go max.

3. Accessorize
You should also remember that going maximal doesn't mean having to sacrifice your own personal style. While stepping out of your comfort zone can be a good thing, you also want to be comfortable with what you're wearing. To bring a subtle elevation to your wardrobe, stay minimal with your pieces and go maximal with your accessories. The more traditional way of doing this is with jewelry, but sparkling embellishments on mary janes and loafers have been a trend this season, leaving the options for accesorizing endless.

4. Prints All Around

If you think you've gotten the hand of the exciting new world that is maximalism, it's time to start experimenting with prints. While this trend can be tricky, styling is a no-brainer. With maximalism, it's okay to be daring and embrace your inner Fran Fine. Experiment with one solid print or a bold matching set. For inspiration, reference any late 90s pop star or teen movie. For newer inspiration, look to the queens of modern day maximal - Celine Dion and Man Repeller's Leandra Medine.

Maximalism is a great way to find inspiration, especially throughout the seasons. Experimenting with bold looks can be fun and even therapeutic. Giving your outfits some character will give people something to remember. After all, fashion is all about who you are, so express it to the fullest.