Jeanne Damas: The French Barbie

By: Salma Ahmed

Home to Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, Paris is undoubtedly the city of fashion. Other than the countless designer brands that have emerged from the marvelous city, the Parisian streets have witnessed some of the most daring street style looks. It is no surprise that the city has birthed many of the world's style icons of past and present, one of whom is Jeanne Damas

Photo: W Magazine
Titled the "French It Girl" by many, Jeanne Damas lives up to her title in every way possible. The model made a name for herself through her personal blog, which reflected her Parisian lifestyle, followed by a modeling contract and a clothing brand - Rouje. Damas is mostly known for her embodiment of the ideal French woman. From her signature red lip to her effortlessly sophisticated style, Damas is a certified style icon. Her street style usually involves basic items such as white blouses, denim and black trousers, but the way she wears these simple items is what distinguishes her from the rest. 

She once explained that her style first developed by observing the women of Paris as she walked down the streets. One of the main aspects of her signature style is the lack of effort in most of her looks. In an interview, Damas explained that effortlessness is the main difference between Parisian and New York style. Where New Yorkers deliver well-planned, full looks, the French have a more laid-back approach when it comes to personal style. 

Usually sticking to neutral colors (except for her wine colored lips), Damas brings her looks to life by incorporating interesting accessories like bags, sunglasses or outerwear. Simple touches like these are what elevate her outfits into timeless, classic looks. Whether she's aiming for a casual, formal or street-inspired look, Damas always manages to add her own twist on it to make it unique. 

What truly makes Damas special is that she chooses to stick to her true identity in a world where everyone is trend obsessed. Despite what goes in or out of fashion, her signature style is sure to remain unbothered.