3 Chic Room Decor Ideas You Haven't Heard Of

By: Haley Ledford

Everyone seems to have a Pinterest board dedicated to their ideal apartment with the perfect views and decor, but sometimes, reality makes that dream fall short. We can't all have a flat like Emily Ratajkowski's LA pad or Christie Ty;er's enviable New York City abode. However, adding some chic flair to the place we call home without spending millions is still possible. Here are some simple ways to make your dream home right where you are.

Fresh flower are often a go-to suggestion of bloggers and interior designers to bring beauty and nature into your home. However, they eventually die and fake flowers are expensive without compensating in quality. Drying and pressing flowers is one way to bring in some floral beauty without breaking the bank. Simply buy flowers once and when they're a few days old, tie them up with a chic ribbon, and hang them on a wall upside down. Red roses work particularly well for an old Hollywood glamour aesthetic while white gardenias and hydrangeas are perfect for a minimalist look. Pressed flowers can also be put in a shadow box for an even earthier vibe after hanging. 

Next, adding an air of sophistication to your dresser display can be accomplished by tying ribbons of coordinating colors around candles or various beauty products you may have out. With many white or plain packaging, the life of the room may be squandered, leaving the room feeling barren instead of tastefully decorated. Gold ribbon around the top of clear bottles is a great look, or go for a soft, velvet pink on opaque tubes of serums or sprays. 

This simple, bedside table decoration is one truly lost to the ages: framed photos. With everything so entirely digital, we stopped printing pictures, and therefore, we stopping displaying them. Pictures of family, lovers and friends (furry ones too) in a simple frame that matches the color concept of your room is a perfect way to have your loved ones near you. Gilded gold frames are great for those inspired by Christie Tyler, while striking, black frames are simple enough to please any room concept. Be sure to check the dimensions of your printed photos before buying a frame in the wrong size. 

With these ideas in mind, always remember to decorate in a way that is functional, organized and suited to you! Don't feel pressured to follow trends if decorations like these disrupt your work or school routine. Have fun with your space because at the end of the day, you are the one who has to live in it and love it!