A Decade Undefined: How Recycled Trends Are Affecting Our Generation

By: Salma Ahmed

Almost all of the trends that have taken over these past few years (slip dresses, fish nets, round sunglasses, crop tops and even bandanas) are all inspired by the past. Many fashion retail stores owe their most popular selling pieces to the popularity of recycled trends. The same goes for several revolutionary designers who have taken inspiration from former decades. Donna Karen, Marc Jacobs, Dior and Dolce & Gabbana have all borrowed ideas from the trends that defined several iconic time periods. 

Left: Vintage Versace   Right: Alexandre Vauthier 

The excessive recycling of styles and trends makes us questions whether the fashion industry has run out of ideas. Fashion is a form of art, meaning that its limits are endless. There exists no rules when it comes to fashion and designers can create anything their minds desire, yet they often choose to play it safe and recycle what they know will sell and appeal to the general public. 

It is tragic to think that designers might have given up on creating new pieces and ideas that fit with our modern time. Nothing has been done to define this era. When the time comes and people start to recall what this decade has contributed to fashion, very few original trends will be listed, as most of what this decade has given the industry is recycled from the past. 

Designers and influencers need to start promoting something in the coming years to help identify this decade in the fashion industry, or else this era will be lost in the sea of innovations and boldness that helped revolutionize fashion during past decades. What do you think about the styles of this era and how recycled trends will define our decade? Let us know in the comments below!