Runway Recap: Hits & Misses From the VS Fashion Show

By: Maria Montenegro

I'm from Latin-America, so it wasn't until December 11th that I was able to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Of course, I was super excited to watch it because the model line up was amazing, and it was the first time the show was held in Asia, so I expected it to be as majestic as the continent itself. Here's everything I loved and hated from the biggest fashion show of the year. 

The Opening: Punk Angels 

Candice Swanepoel opening the show was a great decision. She was returning to the catwalk after a year off due to the birth of her son, and her walk was amazing (as always). However, I liked her walk better when she opened the show in 2013. As for the performance, Harry Styles was a perfect match for the segment and his exciting song gave the opening emotion and energy. Now, let's talk about how the models came down the runway in pairs...Not good, at all. The models looked uncomfortable, unsure of what to do and some of them were very awkward. Although some duos like Sara and Elsa or Grace and Herieth were synchronized, I hope this is the last time they do it this way. 

Porcelain Angels

Josephine Skriver opened this segment, and although I love her as an angel and as a person, she looked very uncomfortable carrying the enormous and heavy wings. Her legs even appeared to be weakening during her walk and I was nervous for her while watching it. The rest of the looks in this segment were very unflattering, except for the one worn by Bella Hadid, which I think was one of the best in the show. Miguel did an excellent job throughout this segment and his beautiful music paired with the show nicely. 

The Kung Fu Segment

I loved the fact that Victoria's Secret took time to recognize an incredible martial art like Kung Fu. 
My only problem with this segment was that they only included Josephine and Jasmine when they could have had all the angels, or at least five of them, participating in the Kung Fu choreography. It would've looked way better and been a bit more entertaining. 

A Winter's Tale

The tranquility of the song in this segment, performed by Leslie Odom Jr. and Li Yundi was beautiful. However, the segment's peacefulness ended abruptly when they showed Ming Xi's fall. People went crazy on social media, but keep in mind that she apparently agreed to be shown like that during the television broadcast. The motive behind this was not to show the fall, but VS wanted to feature Gizele Oliveira's genuine act of compassion when she stopped to help and applaud Ming Xi. 

Nomadic Segment

Some people were upset due to the cultural appropriation in some of the outfits for this section of the show. The truth is, the nomadic segment was the one with the greatest looks. Who can forget how Grace Bol stunned everyone in her wings? Where things went wrong, however, was that this was supposed to be the closing segment, but they edited the show so in the TV broadcast it appeared as if it wasn't. This reflected poorly, because Alessandra Ambrosia, angel for 17 years, closed her last show for the brand, but people didn't get to see it that way. 

The Goddesses Segment

For the last segment, we could appreciate the greatest opening outfit of the show, worn by Romee Strijd, which looked simply majestic. A different song choice from Harry Styles would have been better, as I feel it didn't fit the segment's essence very well. The main problem here was that Lais Riberio, the angel wearing this year's Fantasy Bra, didn't open the segment. The Fantasy Bra should be the star, not the second of a segment. Finally, Vanessa Moody, a first timer, was the model who closed the show. While she did great, with 12 angels in the show, closing a segment should be an angel's job.

I was expecting more from this year's show as it had so much potential. The stage was incredible, the model line up was great and the fact that it was in China was exciting (except for the fact that some models' visas were denied). Honestly, the most exciting part of it all was the process (the castings, the fittings, the models revealing they would walk) because even though there was so much effort put into it, the result was poor. I hope next year we get a better and greater Victoria's Secret Fashion Show because I've seen the amazing things the brand can do!