The Artistic Power of Fashion

By: Alexandra Partida

As Blair Waldorf once said, fashion "shows the world who we are and who'd we like to be." The constant misportrayal of the fashion industry brings the questions of whether or not we are conforming to the everyday crowd, or showing our own unique style. Often in social settings such as school or work, people are quick to criticize each other for their personal style choices. However, we should always question if bringing our own expectations down to meet someone else's will ever allow us to show people who we are.

Fashion is an art, and quite honestly, one of the few things people notice right away when you meet them for the first time. Style defines who we are as people and allows us to speak our minds without having to use any words at all. TV shows, magazines and social media can sometimes influence us into believing that certain trends are in and our of style. This can result in us unknowingly restricting our own preferences in fashion and altering our taste to meet society's expectations. 

Trends come and go with time, and they all eventually make a comeback at one point or another. However, what's great about being an individual is that we can make our own decision without being stopped from showing who we really are. Whether you're the type of person to dress minimalistically or if you love accessorizing from head to toe, fashion has no rules or limits, which is what makes it so powerful. No matter where you are or what you're wearing, there will always be a crowd to appreciate your look.