3 Ways to Wear the Official Color of 2018

Breaking news in the fashion world: millennial pink has officially been replaced by an equally wearable, but more striking color - ultra violet. After Pantone declared violet the official hue of 2018, this regal color has taken over the streets of fashion week and it is only a matter of time before all our favorite stores begin to incorporate ultra violet into their latest collections. That said, here are some of our favorite ways to style this colorful trend!
Due to the fact that this color looks great on all skin tones, there is no limit to the fashion possibilities when it comes to wearing ultra violet! Brands like Gucci and Loewe featured different takes on this color in their Spring 2018 collections, giving us plenty of inspiration to take this color and run with it.

If you’re not sure violet is the color for you, try dipping your toe into this trend by starting off with some accessories. Booties and bags are easy ways to add a pop of violet and make a statement with any outfit. Try styling violet accessories with an all-black ensemble, jeans & a tee or even a floral maxi dress.

If you ‘re already in love with this color and don’t need any further convincing, go for violet separates like pants, jackets and tops. These pieces are perfect for pairing with basics for a minimal look, or mixing with prints for something more bold and trendy. Finally, a complete, monochromatic violet look is one way to embrace this color to the fullest and really turn some heads.

No matter how you choose to wear this color, individuality is key to pulling off the best looks. Have fun with trends, and wear what makes you feel inspired.