The Best Beauty Products to Help You Survive Winter

By: Linh Do

With the changing of the seasons comes a plethora of skin concerns and issues. Winter's cold and dry climate can have super harsh and damaging effects to our skin and hair. Especially after the holidays, things (like our skin) can seem bleak and dull, but that is no excuse to start slacking on our beauty routines. That said, here are some products I recommend to keep skin healthy and strong against winter's cruel months. 
Cleansing Oil
I'm a big believer of the double cleansing method, no matter the season. Personally, an oil cleanser does so much more for me than micellar water or cleansing wipes. Cleansing oils disintegrate all traces of makeup without using any harsh surfactants that would otherwise strip the skin of moisture and natural oils. The Caudalie Makeup Removing Oil Cleanser is my current go-to due to its minimal ingredient list and luxurious feel on the skin.

Face Oils
Facial oils have exploded on the market in recent years, and for good reason. There are a wide variety of choices to accommodate every skin type. Recently, I've been loving the UFO Ultra-Clarifying Oil from Sunday Riley. Ingredients like salicylic acid zap topical acne and pore clogging sebum while the mixture of plant derived oils smooth over the skin. Clearing blemishes without having to sacrifice moisture is a huge score.

It's a no brainer that a good moisturizer is key to healthy skin barrier. When shopping for a moisturizer, it should include both emollients and humectants to prevent water loss and add an extra layer of protection. First Aids Beauty's Ultra Face Cream has been a lifesaver this winter. It's formulated with colloidal oatmeal so it does wonders at soothing irritated skin and absorbs seamlessly. Even better? It works on both the face and body.
Body Scrub
Dry scaly skin is a common issue that plagues most of us during the winter. The fix? Exfoliation, of course. I'm obsessed with this Coco Rose Body Scrub from Herbivore, which is perfect to incorporate into any self-care routine. It has a lovely calming rose scent and the sugar grains dissolve away leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. Whenever I pop out of the shower after using this, I rarely ever need to apply more lotion.

Lip Balm
The French cult product is beloved by it-girls like Jeanne Damas for its nourishing qualities. It's thicker and tackier than most lip balms, which makes it ideal for keeping lips soft and plump. Use it regularly as a lip balm, or lather it on as an overnight lip treatment.