This is What Street Wear Chic Looks Like in 2018

By: Iman Taouil

Street wear defines a style movement rooted in the Californian surf, skate and hip hop cultures; it advocates casual and practical, and therefore involves quite a lot of sportswear. It is debatable that sportswear being worn for fashion purposes doesn't ever go out go style. One might argue that it just reinvents and shapes itself into new trends.
Photo: Getty Images
However, it is undeniable that street wear heavily influenced fashion trends this season and it even made its way onto the runways of fashion weeks around the world. Hints of street wear can even be spotted in collections from Chanel to Balenciaga and other luxury brands, where it would normally be disregarded. The lines between high fashion and street wear are slowly being blurred. 

Formerly far from the luxury world, street wear is now easily merged with it, and it is no longer surprising to see people in track pants and hoodies attending fashion week. If there's a lesson we can take from all this, it's that hints of street wear can easily be thrown into a formal look and vice versa. It's all about balancing the power of sporty pieces with the elegance of dress clothes. Here's a zoom into the main pieces that defined street wear in 2017 and will continue to do so in 2018. 

The Track Pant

This basic sportswear piece has come a long way from the track field. While the athleisure look was been claimed by fashionistas years ago, we're now taking the whole dressing-up-track-pants thing even further as they can now be part of a researched outfit rather than just effortless looking outfits. Wide leg, tailored or tear-away to show a glimpse of skin, there's a track pants for everyone's taste. 

How We're Wearing It: Red or striped track pants with heels, a long coat and jewelry.

The Fanny Pack

Fanny packs, or belt bags, made an unexpected comeback as 90's fascination peaked last year, and to say they weren't unanimously approved would be a euphemism. Practical and light, the bag is consistent with the whole street wear vibe. Hate it or love it, belt bags are here to stay for a while, as even high-end brands such as Gucci happen on the trend. 

How We're Wearing It: Clashed with a formal outfit, on top of a blazer.

The Hoodie

The gold hoodie is probably the most basic wardrobe staple, after the white tee and a pair of blue jeans. Comfortable and kind of boyish, it's at the heart of the street wear spirit. Pairing hoodies with more feminine apparel clashes with its boyish vibe and effortlessly creates the street wear chic energy we're looking for. 

How We're Wearing It: Long, like a dress, with a skirt or fishnet tights.

The Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket comes and goes out of style over the years, but it's definitely made a high fashion return this season. Worn oversize, puffers are the perfect statement piece to wear over a more neutral outfit to make it pop and add that street style feel to it. 

How We're Wearing It: Long or extra puffy, futuristic metallic or bright for a pop of color. 

The Norm Core Sneaker

The is one of those trends that you either love or hate. Also called "ugly" or "dad" sneakers, these 90's inspired shoes are clunky and modest, look like they've walked through mud and they don't really stand out...which is exactly what makes them stand out. High-end brands like Balenciaga and Chanel have already appropriated the ugly shoe, which is enough proof of its trend potential. 

How We're Wearing It: With oversized jackets, skirts and denim.

The Graphic Tee

There's something powerful about the way a graphic tee can trivialize anything. From rock band tees to slogan and artsy teed, there's one for everyone's taste. Worn with a suit or a pair of dress pants, graphic tees are the easiest compromise between dressing serious and casual.

How We're Wearing It: With sporty logos, over a long sleeve shirt, with dress pants.