Trends That Should Be Left in 2017

By: Victoria Sullivan 

Looking back on 2017, there have been so many stand out trends we've loved. However, many trends, while cute at the time, have become outplayed and should be left in 2017. Here are just a couple of trends we'd like to see kept in the past as we enter the new year.

1. Total Neutral Looks

The matching of similar or same shades of nude, tan and light brown pieces is one trend that needs to die in 2018. Total natural looks became oversaturated this past year, with designers such as Kanye West creating pieces meant to be worn layered with others of similar shades. While in some cases, these pieces can be chic, this trend has become a bit boring and too color coordinated.

2. Festival Looks

Festival pieces such as flower crowns, excessive fringe and floppy brown hats should stay in 2017. Years ago, these looks developed at Coachella, and somehow managed to stick around for every festival season. In 2018, we hope to see more creative and fresh looks instead of the typical overplayed trends associated with music festivals.

3. Corsets

The Kardashian effect contributed to the corset becoming a top trend of the year. It became massively overhyped and unoriginal, making it a trend that does not belong in our 2018 wardrobes.

4. Gucci Loafers

Although I am a huge fan of Alessandro Michele and his work, the over popularization of Gucci loafers, or imitations of them, has gone on far too long. Loafers were once a casual wardrobe staple to everyday outfits, but during 2017, they became items purchased for clout, not class.

5. Extreme Label Flexing

Wearing an outfit consisting of logos creates an outfit whose purpose is not comfort or style, but to flex designer labels. Not only is this tacky and flashy, but it shows a lack of stylistic creativity, which makes it a trend fit for the past, not the present. 

Whether you hated or loved the trends of 2017, this new year brings a chance for us to bring new life into our wardrobes and experiment with style. Having fun and wearing what makes you feel good is what fashion is all about! What are some trends you loved and hated this year? Let us know in the comments below!