Undergarments are no longer just UNDERgarmets: The Reinvention of Lingerie

By: Salma Ahmed 

Campaigns promoting bras as alternative for tops fit for any occasion have been a hard trend to ignore recently. Brands like Victoria's Secret, which already dominate the lingerie market, are expanding to cater to a wider range of customers who wear their undergarments in different ways, for different occasions. The result of this is undergarments in their many styles quickly becoming a replacement for tops. 
Layered under mesh or a jacket of its own, lingerie has been making regular appearances out on the streets. With Victoria Secret as an influencer of this trend, it is no surprise that the angels have been sporting some of the most interesting looks incorporating lingerie. From festival looks at Coachella to more formal outfit at red carpets, the angels have managed to wear lingerie in reimagined ways. Thanks to their skillful team of stylists, lingerie worn as a main garment has never looked so elegant. 

With celebrities and street style favorites rocking this trend, it seems the lingerie look is here to stay. However, like most other trends, this style can look unsophisticated if not styled properly. When adapting this trend, two things should be kept in mind: uniqueness and elegance. Uniqueness, as in adding your own personal twist to a look and elegance as in choosing the right pieces of lingerie to wear outside the comfort of our own home. 

No matter how you choose to style this trend, confidence is always key! What are your thoughts on this trend?