Is Gucci Getting Too Repetitive?

By: Madi Carpenter 

Alessandro Michele knows the high-end consumer. He understands the concept of wearable in the midst of maximalism, while still putting out a collection that is somewhat avant-garde. Since his appointment to Gucci in 2015, he has transformed the brand into a cultural staple that everyone swoons over rather than a minimalistic, unapproachable fashion house that we only ever saw on Paris Hilton. In today's social-media crazed society, we see a Gucci belt or loafers on pretty much every average Instagram model. Michele is a true genius when it comes to designing products that will directly contribute to the success of a brand, but is that all it is? And is it getting old?

Up until they were recently overtaken by Balenciaga, Gucci had been the highest selling brand for almost three years and that is all thanks to Alessandro's reform on the brand. His style was so different from Frida Giannini and it intrigued everyone, including consumers. Every collection since his first in the house has been a procession of models straight out of the 70s with layers upon layers of, for lack of a better word, glitz. But as each year passes and most brands continue to evolve, Gucci seems to remain stagnant. When the staple selling pieces, like the loafers, sunglasses and bags rose to prominence among millennial and Gen-Z consumers, the growth was unignorable. However, as seasons continue to pass, the brand is getting a little too repetitive. Michele's style of design is so unique to him that you could look at a garment and be able to label it Gucci without anyone telling you, but it that always a good thing?

On Wednesday, Gucci opened Milan Fashion Week on the first day with their Fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection. The collection was set in a venue designed to look like a hospital and many of the models had some type of dysmorphic look. The models carried molds of their own heads, while others carried realistic looking lizards or had a third eye on their forehead. This is a theme we obviously do not see too often coming down the runway, but the unique aspect stopped there. The clothes, on the other hand, came in a parade of looks we had practically seen before. There were lots of patterned suits, florals, shimmer and loafers. All the clothes are beautifully and intricately designed, but there comes a point when the collections become more repetitious than they are creative. 

Overall, the collection was still very beautiful. The transhuman nature of models mixed with the beautiful styling of all the garments was a slam-dunk for Michele. Amongst all of his success, you cannot really blame the man for continuing what makes the brand so successful. After all, Gucci is one of the most treasured brands right now, and will most likely continue to be.