The 3 Dominating Trends of NYFW Street Style

By: Salma Ahmed

To no surprise, New York Fashion Week delivered all the latest trends. The emergence of fuchsia is one of the most dominant trends so far, with several designers incorporating this unexpected color into their collections from Alexander Wang and Christian Siriano to Tory Burch. Although the fashion shows and collections presented are the main aspect of fashion week, NYFW is about so much more! It is a period of time when rules don't exist in fashion. It is a safe place to take risks and experiment with one's own style. Therefore, during fashion week, trends are set everywhere and by anyone who's willing to think outside of the box when it comes to fashion. Everyone walking down the streets of New York City during fashion week has the power to set a trend. The unique style of individuals serves as great style inspiration. These are some of the most sported trends down the busy streets of New York during fashion week. 

1. Statement Coats

Photo By: Tyler Joe

It is not often that fashion couples with the weather, but when it does, some of the most beautiful outfits are born. Cruising the streets of NYC, fashionistas were sporting unique coats to keep them protected from the harsh winter weather. The beautiful coats spoke for themselves and stole the attention from the rest of the outfits. However, that didn't stop many from pairing their colorful, patterned or embroidered coats with equally interesting pieces. Many of these outfits serve as great inspiration for the remainder of winter. Try out a statement coat paired with any outfit to spend the rest of winter feeling cozy and looking stylish! 

2. Pops of Color
Long gone are the days of full monotone outfits, but that doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy a neutral outfit. The NYFW street styles proved that a little color goes a long way and has the ability to make any neutral outfit come to life. It could be a shoe, a scarf or even a shirt barely peeking through, but any colorful addition to a simple outfit can elevate it to another level. 

3. Clashing Patterns
It has always been a fashion rule to never combine clashing patters, until a few seasons ago when clashing patterns made an appearance on the runway. Since then, we've seen this trend repeatedly on the runway during fashion week. Clashing patterns were expected to remain only on the runway, until fashion week witnessed this trend all over the city streets. Mixing varying patterns is what makes this trend work. As clashing patterns could go wrong so quickly, it is very interesting to witness them done right. After all, the only thing better than a statement pieces is a statement outfit. 

The street style looks we've seen so far are only a glimpse of what is to come during the rest of fashion month. More trends are expected to appear not only down the runways, but also down the streets of the most stylist cities in the world.