5 Self Help Tips That'll Make Your Year Great

By: India Roby

With the New Year advancing at full speed, you might feel some pressure keeping your New Year resolutions in tack. Maybe you've only exercised a couple times so far, cheated on a diet or haven't started on that project. Whatever it is, here are 5 self-help tips that will help you make this year the best and most productive yet.

Photo: Career Girl Daily

1. Self Awareness
It is extremely important to establish your goals and realize what steps you'll need to take to do so. Keep a journal to jot down what you want to accomplish and ask yourself why it is necessary for you to do so. Why do you want to achieve your goal? How will achieving your goal make you feel? When you have these answers, you will find yourself more willing to complete your goals.

2. The 5 Minute Rule

Often, we find ourselves with a billion things we'd like to start but we usually never do any of them. The 5 Minute Rule helps minimize the pressure to complete it at once. Simply set a timer to 5 minutes and you'll find yourself spending way more time on that assignment than before. Who knows, you might even finish it that day!

3. The 80/20 Rule
Also known as the Pareto Principle, the 80/20 rule states "20 percent of our efforts will produce 80 percent of results." This rule simply frees you from slaving over long-to-do lists. You just need to do what is necessary for the goal(s) you are trying to achieve, nothing more or less.

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4. Minimalism: Consume Less, Produce More
With the average person consuming thousands of images and information in a single day, it is becoming more difficult to concentrate on things that actually matter. However, minimalism isn't just some Instagram trend - it can actually be a useful tool in your everyday life. One concept of minimalism is to consume less and produce more. Surround yourself with less distractions and instead, more of the things that inspire you to take action.

5. Stop Worrying About The Future
When "what ifs" and thoughts of the ideal future consume our minds, worrying is always the end result. When we see that things aren't going as planned, we might pants and immediately want to give up. What a lot of us fail to realize is that the present moment is the most important time because it is happening right now. Rather than focusing on what the end result should consist of, concentrate on goals for today only. Once you set your intentions and work on the now and soon, you will notice that everything else will align on its own.