Celebrity Designers: A Fashion Epidemic

By: Salma Ahmed

Collaborations between designer brands and celebrities are nothing new in the industry, but the past few years have witnessed a major increase in these kinds of collaborations. It is no surprise that these collaborations are happening more often nowadays, as every celebrity's line of admirers is longer than ever, making it easier to make said admirers obsess over what cam sometimes be an overpriced, mediocre collection.

Photo: Vogue.com
Before the blossoming of social media outlets, celebrities only got to collaborate with well-known designers while their careers were at their peak. In the late 2000's, every A-list celebrity, fashionable or not, collaborated with a clothing brand. From Miley Cyrus for Max Azria to 'Dear' by Amanda Bynes for Steve & Barry, celebrity fashion collaborations of the past usually ended up being out short, as even the celebrities' major fame at the time couldn't justify the dated designs and questionable prints that made up the collections.

With the rise of celerity collaborations in the past years, a number of collections proved that there is hope for celebrities in the fashion world. One of the most promoted collaborations, which deemed to be worthy of its prices and Internet hype, is the collaboration between Topshop and Beyoncé - Ivy Park. The collection features items ranging in price from $16 to $165 and nothing appears to be overpriced just because an A-list celebrity is linked to the collection. The athletic wear collection reflects the singer's everyday style, although it's not as luxurious or expensive. It can be clearly identified, as it is not just a mixture of all the trends of the time, Beyoncé's personality is clearly a major part of this collection.

Another celebrity collection that had captured the public's attention is the collaboration between Victoria Beckham and Target. Since the singer turned fashion designer has her own high-end clothing brand, it is highly considerable of her to translate her personal style into a thoughtfully priced collection for Target. Surely it can't be expected that a $40 dress from Beckham's Target collaboration can compare in quality or style to a $3400 piece from her brans, but nonetheless, the affordable collaboration reflected the designer's personal style, which is highly admired by many for its sleek sophistication.

Just as designers once collaborated with Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes because of their immense popularity, the same is happening today with the Hadid sisters. The two stylish siblings have taken over the fashion world. From makeup to shoes to clothing, the Hadids have attached their name to as many collections as they possibly could. Gigi was the talk of the month when her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger debuted, causing a major buzz, especially amongst her young followers, whom the collection appeared to be targeted towards. As for Bella, her collaboration with Chrome Hearts had a lot less promotion and didn't generate much of a buzz as it appealed to a very specific sense of style. The collection was a tribute to the 90's as well as Bella's personal style.

Just like everything else in the fashion industry, celebrity collaborations have their hits and misses. With the rise of new stars and it girls, celebrity collaborations are a given, and we can't wait to see what the rest of 2018 brings!