Lana Del Rey is the Fashion Icon We Deserve

By: Haley Ledford

Throughout the 1900s, in every decade there was a women who became the icon of fashion; think Marilyn, Audrey, Jean, Twiggy and Bridget, to name just a few. What our culture is missing in the 21st century is a style icon akin to those of the past that isn't a Kardashian. Sure, Cara Delevingne made us all crave thick, luscious eyebrows but there lacked someone who embodied the decade and became an icon in all aspects. We have been without an icon for far too long whose beauty we aspire to, whose elegance we aim for and whose style we devote ourselves. Now in 2018, Lana del Rey has answered our calls and risen to become a queen of poise and glamorous sophistication. She is the fashion icon we needed to inspire us, and here's why.

Photo: High Snobiety

One characteristic of Lana del Rey that makes her an idea style icon is her appreciation and inspiration from the icons before her. Lana has often spurred inspiration from 60s fashion and vintage glamour which makes her a subject of appreciation. Del Rey clearly sees the beauty of an era that's produced so many icons and is able to make that new again. 

In terms of beauty, her eyeliner and bouncy waves have become for Hepburn fanatics and fashion girls who have always admired a good bouffant. A fashion icon cannot be someone who claims to have no inspiration from the past and claims all credit for everything they put together. Lana does not borrow trends from the nineties like some stars and claim to have made it new when it never truly went away. She is able to take inspiration and creates something new, while keeping in mind where it originated.

Lana Del Rey in Altuzarra at the 2012 Met Gala 

When considering whose style to follow and whose is most spectacular, most people think of the red carpet. Lana is an artist who takes into account the visual aspect of her performances, and this attention to deal and branding is evident in her red carpet looks. 

Most recently, on the Grammy's red carpet, Lana was spotted donning Gucci, complete with a celestial crown, in tribute to Hedy Lamarr's headpiece in Ziegfeld Girl. This look was only one of Lana's many looks that were regal, sophisticated and well researched. Lana has also channeled her classic elegance on the red carpet in looks by Lena Hoschek at The Great Gatsby premiere in Cannes, France in 2013 and at the 2012 Met Gala where she wore custom Altuzarra. 

Lana Del Rey in Gucci at the Grammy Awards, Heddy Lamarr in Ziegfeld Girl

With her great talent as a singer and a cunning resemblance to Priscilla Presley, there is more than enough proof of Lana's ability to be a muse and an icon greater that she has already become. Her killer eyeliner has inspired us all us Amy's did and her mysterious aura is the exact allure we aspire to have. Her very aesthetic is a mood board gold mine for all fashion girls, but as a true icon, Del Rey has captured the hearts of everyone, not just those already keen on fashion. 

What is most important to remember however, is no matter how much you adore another person's style, avoid letting that distract you from loving yourself and your own amazing characteristics. Inspiration should be inspiring and uplifting, and not leave you downtrodden. Be yourself and that will inspire even more people to do the same.