Is It The End of Anna Wintour's Reign at Vogue?

By: Salma Ahmed

Rumors about the departure of the iconic Anna Wintour from her editor-in-chief position at Vogue have got the fashion world buzzing. While the rumors have been denied, we can't help but reminisce about some of her most memorable covers for the fashion-defining magazine. 

Long before the covers of Vogue U.S were ruled by whichever celebrity had the spotlight or which it girl had the highest amount of followers, the magazine prioritized models. It wasn't often that a non-model graced the covers of the magazine, opposing our current times. 

Wintour caused a fuss the second she landed her new position. Her first cover, featuring Israeli model Michaela Bercu, caused major buzz because of the model's denim clad legs. The denim was a spontaneous decision, as the skirt intended for the cover didn't fit the model. This unplanned style decision, the couture Christian Lacroix jacket paired with the light-washed denim, was the beginning of mixing couture with everyday pieces. 

Wintour kept people talking with the cover of her first September issue. Recognized as the most important issue of the year, the September issues sets trends for the coming fall/winter season. Wintour's debut September issue was graced by none other than Naomi Campbell, who appeared as her first solo cover for Vogue. This issue also made history in that it was the first time a black woman covered the September issue of the magazine. 

Decades later, when the magazine's covers were swamped celebrities, Wintour produced one of the most discussed Vogue covers in April 2014, which featured newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The cover received major backlash for its lack of relevance to the fashion magazine. Many speculated it to be a marketing tactic to sell more issues. Whatever the intention was behind the controversial cover, it got the whole world talking...just not about fashion, which is the essence of the magazine. 

Wintour revolutionized Vogue during her 30 years as editor-in-chief as she made the magazine gain immense popularity and relevance. Although Vogue could certainly use a fresh perspective, Wintour's impact cannot be denied. When the time comes, who would you like to see fill Wintour's shoes?