The Art of Layering: Transitioning from Winter to Spring

By: Lily Shahida

As the weather slowly begins to morph with the seasons, so do our wardrobes. However, transitioning styles isn't always as simple as it seems - especially from winter to spring. The unpredictable temperatures and precipitation can make it impossible to dress accordingly. 

Just when you begin to whip out those floral tops and flowy sundresses, the warm weather decides to retreat, as does the chill in the air when you put on your warmest oversized sweater. Neither your warm nor cold weather wardrobes seem to work, so what's the key to outsmarting the outdoors? Combining pieces from both for the perfect transitioning outfits. 

Polypore Sets by Lily Shahida

A chic and simple way to do this is by styling a crop top with jeans and warm (but not wintry) jacket to keep goose bumps at bay on day that lie closer to the cold end of the spectrum. Pairing a cotton crop and furry jacket or a cropped sweater and leather jacket will show off just the right amount of skin to hint at spring while still keeping you comfortable. 

For weather that's on the warmer side, a skirt can be your best friend, whether or not there's a chill in the air. Layering a flirty tank top under a sweatshirt will give you two outfit options that can be altered as the temperature changes. A maxi or mini skirt can work well with this look, and looks especially cute paired with some trendy sneakers or sandals. 

Seeking something a little more daring? Try a jumpsuit. Paired with a long sleeved turtleneck or sweater underneath, you'll be kept warm without having to hide your outfit. Add some ankle boots and coordinating accessories to epitomize on-trend fashion. Alternatively, a long sleeved jumpsuit could be worn with a jacket for something a little toned down. Either way, a jumpsuit is an easy and functional way to dress for fickle temperatures. 

When it comes to transition outfits, the secret ingredient is balance. You never want to lean too close to one season when dealing with those in-between and unpredictable days. The possibilities are widespread when you leave yourself the option to switch up your outfit throughout the day. Dropping or adding a layer is the simplest way to save you from catching a chill. There's never a need to deny yourself a stylish outfit, even you aren't quite sure whether it's winter or spring. By following these tips and remembering the key (balance!), you will never again have to choose comfort over confidence.