Should We Go Out In Our Pajamas?

By: Iman Taouil

Some people like to be high maintenance at all times, while some prefer putting their comfort first. However, these two qualities do not have to be mutually exclusive. It there's a word that defines our decade in terms of trends, it's effortless. Undone hairstyles and subtler makeup being the signature looks as evidence, most trends to give more of an "I woke up like this" view than they used to in previous decades. Without necessarily going into minimalism, the goal is often to look like you didn't spend hours prepping your looks...even if you did. With fashion constantly evolving, the lines between "dressed to the nines" and "casual" are often getting blurred and crossed.

It's within this scope that trends like sleepwear as daywear have come. The past couple of years, it wasn't uncommon to see pictures of people attending fashion week and fashionable celebrities stepping out in pajamas, sometimes even taking this look to onto the red carpet. 

It makes sense that such a trend happened in the same time period as trends such as slip dresses and the famous Gucci slippers, which you might have seen one too many times. There is definitely is a consensus for looks that give off a fresh-out-of-bed, unbothered aura and fashion lovers are constantly coming up with ways to elevate that look and experiment with it. 

Thus, one can clash such a look with a sophisticated vibe by pairing a pajama-style set with dressier accessories, such as chic jewelry or heels. For a totally effortless look, try pairing the set with flats or slippers to exude a lazy-but-still-fashionable vibe. 

If you deem the head-to-toe look too bold to go out in, you can always mismatch and pick just the op or bottoms to pair with a different item like jeans, making it more daywear with just a hint of that still-at-home-everywhere-I-go feeling. 

There are plenty of ways to recreate that sense of comfort that aren't as dramatic as a silky pajama set. Slip dresses, worn on top of a tee or on their own were already vaguely popular in the 90's and resurfaced in the fashion world a couple of years ago. Flowery, silk kimonos and robes worn as duster coats aren't exactly new either, but they never really went out of style and are perfectly appropriate for spring and summer weather. 

Overall, the daywear pajama is just the peak of a research for comfort that the fashion world has seemed to cherish these past few years. While it's not exactly recent, it's still to be spotted on the latest catwalks, and seems to be here to stay a longer while.