Fashion's Ceaseless Cycle

      Most new trends are never "new." Despite what many individuals think, there are very rarely any new fashion trends. What one may think is a new trend in today's society may have found its beginnings in the 90's or even the 70's. Every 20 or so years what once was found to be out of fashion suddenly resurges and takes the fashion world by force. 

This phenomenon can be seen most recently with today's streetwear culture and its 90's influenced features. In fact, many of today's beloved trends had their beginnings in the 80's and 90's. So why does this cycle occur and what trends have already been repeated and what trends can we expect to emerge in the upcoming years?

      In a blog entry for Vogue Italia, the late editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani wrote that fashion often recycles itself due to the fact that older trends are seen as fresh to the newer generation as they were not around to experience the initial craze of the older trend. Furthermore, fashion itself is centered on the concept of reinvention, which also explains the constant recycling of older trends. Some of today's most prevalent recycled trends that have made their way back onto the runway and fashion world are oval sunglasses, glossy lips, tracksuits, and the classic schoolgirl ensemble.

Photos: Vanity Fair

Oval sunglasses first took the fashion world by storm in the 90's when the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, donned them regularly. Today the glasses have been renamed as "clout goggles" and can be seen almost everywhere from street wear blogs to the runway. Furthermore, this vintage sunglass trend has expanded to include small rectangular glasses and other retro styles as well. Additionally, 90's fashion has come to dictate fashion trends in 2018 with the resurgence of athleisure (tracksuits) and the classic schoolgirl ensemble made famous by the movie Clueless.

Photos: Paramount and Vogue

       By following the recent pattern of recurring trends, one can conclude that it won't be long before early 2000's fashion begins to clog our social media feeds meaning the albeit controversial return of low rise jeans, tube tops, bedazzled Von Dutch hats, and Juicy Couture track
suits as well as the already prevalent comeback of camouflage cargo pants.

Photos: Billboard and GotCeleb
      However, this could also mean the rise of 50's and 60's inspired fashion, which has become increasingly prevalent on the profiles of Instagram's It Girls such as Christie Tyler, thus signifying the return of peasant tops and wrap dresses which brands such as Realization Par and Reformation have modernized for the contemporary fashion enthusiast. Nevertheless, no matter what era comes to dominate the fashion world next, it will be a true mélange of the past and present.

Photos: Splash News and Instagram