Is Hypebeast Taking Over Fashion?

By: India Roby

If you follow fashion trends or use Instagram, you might have noticed celebrities and influencers drowning in designer clothes lately. More and more frequently, people are layering different brands on top of each other, showcasing trendy and famous pieces all in one look. So, what exactly is this trend, and how does this affect the fashion industry and consumers?

Photo: Hypebeast
The term "Hypebeast" is a trend that refers to someone who is obsessed with the hype in fashion and will do whatever it takes to obtain that desired hype. Hype beasts purchase clothes for the logos and because everyone else has it, often overlooking the style and the price. Another quality of hype beasts is the tendency to purchase latest releases, even if they might personally not like the item.

Supreme Louis Vuitton New York City NYC Pop-Up Box Logo Monogram
Photo: Hypebeast
Rather than using fashion as a form of expression, there has recently been pressure to purchase "hyped" brands in hopes to stay relevant, especially on social media. As a result, fashion has become increasingly stagnant. Many brands are now following mainstream fads instead of creating new trends. 

As street wear dominates the high fashion scene, brands are now catering to this new trend by changing their aesthetic to attract more attention. However, many believe this switch cheapened a lot of brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci and more. People argue that high fashion brands are not as classy and original as they used to be since brands only release logo and street wear-inspired pieces. 

At the end of the day, this could simply be a new shift in fashion that we are not accustomed to yet, especially because it is difficult to avoid engaging in it. Rather than bashing the Hypebeast trend, it is best to create our own sense of style and consume from brands whose visions align with ours.

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