5 Steps to the Perfect Summer Makeup

By: Meg Leilani

Summer is upon us and that means switching up your makeup routine to something light and appropriate for the summer heat. Making sure your skin is moisturized and covered in SPF is the most important step to any glossy makeup look. After all, what is under the makeup is what ultimately makes the look. Healthy looking skin is always in but especially so for the summer months, ladies! Here's a list of holy grail products you should discover this summer.

1. Glossier Cloud Paintcloud paint pic
Glossier Cloud Paint is the beauty world's favorite skin-like product. A little goes a long way with this very pigmented product. The formula is silky and dries down nicely, blending perfectly with your natural skin. Just released this week, Glossier has two new shades in Dawn and Storm.

2. Glossier Haloscope haloscope pic.jpg
Glossier Haloscope is the best dewy and hydrating highlighter stick for the summer. Giving your face life, Haloscope shows off the high points of the face perfectly, giving off a gleam of hydrated summer skin. Ditch powder highlighters for a product like this that is easy and on the go!

3. Glossier Boy Browboy brow pic.jpg
Glossier Boy Brow is the must-have of all makeup products. This small beauty essential creates perfect feather-like eyebrows with a tint for your hair color. It has a seamless application and is perfect not just for summer, but also year round!

4. YSL Red
A bold red lip can always seal the deal for a perfect makeup look. Simply having a red lip on its own can completely alter an overall look. Red is a powerful color and throwing this in the mix with your summer makeup routine is the route to take!

5. Mascara! Mascara! Mascara!
Every woman knows a look is never complete without a couple coats of amazing mascara! Mascara is one item we can count on to make us look awake and like we made an effort, when all we really did was wave a wand. There are so many great mascaras on the market as of late from Benefit's Roller Lash to Dior, YSL and Milk Makeup!