Annabelle Neilson, 49, Found Dead in Multimillion Dollar Chelsea Home in London

Annabelle Neilson, a former model, children's author and muse to the late Alexander McQueen, was found dead on Thursday in her multimillion dollar Chelsea home in London. Police stated that they do not know the cause of death at this time, but it is not being treated as a suspicious death. In her late teen to early 20 years, Neilson suffered a great deal of depression and became addicted to heroin. 

"I fell into a serious depression and became a heroin addict because it provided an escape bubble and was the only way I could cope," Neilson shared with The Daily Mail in 2015. "In a way, heroin saved me, because otherwise I would have killed myself." 

Photo: The Times UK

 After becoming sober, Neilson took up a career within the modeling industry, leading her to meet the late Lee McQueen. Her work with Lee forged an even stronger connection between the two, which eventually turned into an important artist/muse relationship. Neilson became the key to reveal unreleased Alexander McQueen designs and even wore a sheer Alexander McQueen dress in 2000. 

"He liked my wackiness - and the fact that when I went out, I made his outfits live," Neilson said about McQueen. As McQueen always stated, he wanted his work to be live, confident and out of the box and that is what Annabelle Neilson did for his work. She and McQueen were in prime party/drug addiction scene in London and the fashion industry as a whole. Late night parties, cocaine and alcohol dominated the streets of the so-called Primrose Hill set.

Photo: The Tatler

McQueen introduced Neilson to Kate Moss and the two instantly hit it off. Moss and Neilson were a part of the original McQueen cult including Naomi Campbell. Drug addiction was at its highest peak and many socialites, celebrities and models were hit hard with the severe pressures of addiction. This took a toll on the people it affected like McQueen, who took his own life the day before his mother's funeral at the age of 40. 

Being the last person to see McQueen, this loss devastated Annabelle. When asked about McQueen she shared very personal information about their relationship, "He was my brother, my boyfriend, my soul mate," she told The Daily Mail. "Most of the time people called me Mrs. McQueen. Quite often we were sharing a bed." The relationship between Lee and Annabelle was stronger than ever towards the end of his life, "He asked me to marry him towards the end and I said no. I wish now that I had said yes."

Photo: Evening Standard

 Annabelle Neilson will truly be missed within the fashion industry as well as the publishing industry. Her constant fight against personal demons took a toll on the quality of her life, but she fought to live the best she could. Neilson's influence on one of the greatest designer's of our time will never be forgotten. Annabelle and Lee meet again and will be watching what the industry has in store next.