The Olsen Twins: Minimalist Icons

By: Salma Ahmed

Having been in the spotlight since they were in diapers, the Olsen twins grew up dressing to impress. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been putting every trend, designer and style to the test until they settled on their own unique style.

Photo: Neiman Marcus

Growing up in the 90's, when more was more was more, the twins decided to stick to the opposite end of the spectrum for their adult, mature style. It was then that their iconic minimalist style was born, inspiring many to ditch their bright colors for earth tones, and skinny jeans and tight dresses for loose-fitting silhouettes.  

Going from trendy young girls to chic, sleek designers, the Olsens had to completely revamp their brand along with everything associated with them. 

Photo: Vogue

They have abandoned their colorful heels for black loafers of varying kinds.
Their perfectly styled hair for messy waves and slick back ponytails.
Their flawlessly done makeup for bare natural faces. 
And their designer handbags for their prominent packs of cigarettes. 

The twins took the world by storm with their brands The Row and Elizabeth and James. Despite their high prices, pieces from both brands have managed to become wardrobe staples to many A-listers, who do not always stick to the twins' aesthetics and dress their pieces up as they please to match their own personal style. 

Photo: Pinterest

With The Row, the Olsens have managed to spread the minimalism obsession among everyone (except for Donatella Versace), from dressing celebrities for the most important events, like the Met, to cheap retail stores replicating their simple designs for those who cannot afford the real thing. 

Despite having a very specific aesthetic, we simply cannot help but be in awe with every outfit the twins sport during any of their rare public appearances. 

Whether their personal style has become of low priority as they have chosen to direct their creative energy towards their high end brands or they have chosen to brand themselves as the personification of effortlessness, we are always inspired by the way Mary-Kate and Ashley present themselves.