Meet the Women Behind the Parisian Lingerie Brand Celebrating Impatience

By: Valeria Ramos

Many of us consider fashion as a form of armor. Those of us who are inspired by style will often put together an outfit we've already pictured in our minds days before and instantly feel more confident. However, sometimes what can make someone feel most powerful and confident is not just a chic outfit, but what is underneath. 

Photos courtesy L'impatience

Despite what some people think, lingerie is ultimately for the pleasure of the person who is wearing it. The idea of balancing comfort and sex appeal is something not all lingerie brands can accomplish, but L'impatience - a Paris-based lingerie and swimwear company is checking all the boxes when it comes to what women look for in their undergarments.

L'impatience is the love child of Amélie de Chastener and Célia Pezareix, two impatient, Parisian women with a passion for bringing creative imagination to the items women wear for both comfort and pleasure. Together, Amélie and Célia are spreading a little bit of French sex appeal with every pair of bra and panties sold. 

Amélie and Célia

Madame Blue: How does being based in Paris influence your brand?

Amélie: Both Célia, the creative director and co-founder of the brand and myself, the founder, are from and based in Paris, France. We see it as luck, as we get access and exposure to a great mix of universes and influences - may it be in the arts, music, fashion or entertainment fields - as well as a great opportunity to meet people, learn from them and spread the word about L'impatience! It's a wonderful experimentation playground that opens us to plenty of other European capitals. 

Madame Blue: What was the inspiration behind launching L'impatience and the inspiration behind the name?

Amélie: Actually, it came from one moment of truth: when buying lingerie, we realized (half amused, half frustrated) that, the more beautiful the lingerie, the quicker if faded away when things became...interesting. So, as I truly love lingerie, I started looking for creative garments, able to bring a spark of novelty and surprise for the moments when you get impatient. 

Because I couldn't find it, I decided to create L'impatience - a lingerie brand thought for the most impatient moments of couples' and partners' lives that kindles imagination, lust and anticipation...until desire reaches its climax and you can't resist to take it off. For that moment, all the ensembles are thought to be able to be removed in the blink of an eye! The latter was the challenge Célia took upon to achieve, by turning the constraint of elegant front openings into an opportunity to bring something totally unexpected to the lingerie category. 

Madame Blue: How would you describe your brand and the women who wear your lingerie?

Amélie: First and foremost, L'impatience is time-incarnate. Because everything is thought and designed to cultivate lust and imagination, we play with time to make pleasure worth the wait. Then, because we create lingerie for 21st century women, it is definitely comfortable and made to accompany women in their everyday lives, however playful they want it to be. 

The great thing we've discovered is that our clients are really all kinds of women: they're of all ages and backgrounds, but what unites them is that they're pretty liberated too, never afraid to make an impression or add surprise and mystery to their daily lives. More than just aesthetically flattering, our lingerie works as a reflect of their personality and attitude; as something that brings out their most powerful, confident self - may it be just for themselves or within the frame of their relationship. 

Madame Blue: Where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to designing new collections?

Celia: I draw my inspiration from my grandmother's and mother's wardrobes as well as second hand shops, where I find pieces from the seventies. Often, the first thing I do when I'm in the process of designing a collection is ask myself what pieces I wish I had in my own lingerie drawer and that I don't find anywhere else. It generally kicks off interesting thoughts and then, once inspiration comes, I always have a little notebook with me where I draw or sketch my idea, so that I'm sure not to forget it. 

Madame Blue: What is the design process like from designing to selecting materials and a final launch?

Celia: When I think about a design or product, the question of the fabric comes first. I need to visualize, to make myself a picture of what the final product will look like, how its details will be (color, thickness of the fabric, studs, buttons, etc.). Once I know exactly, I start searching for the right supplies. For that, there are trade shows and, luckily, we live in Paris where you can get supplied with an enormous range of beautiful linens, silks, cottons, etc. 

Once you have all the fabrics, accessories and laces, you produce what we call a first look based on the pattern created. Starting from this look, all necessary adjustments are made so that it reaches exact expectations. The second result is called a sample: we've adjusted everything we wanted on the look and it has all the composition and brand tags. This is the last version before final validation. 

Madame Blue: What are some goals you have for your brand how do you plan to grow it in the future?

Amélie and Célia: There are so many lingerie brands out there that, if we don't feel passionate about what we do and don't do things that thrill us to surprise our community and clients, then there is no point doing it at all! So we're taking risks in order to find new ways to approach lingerie and connect with impatient people in unexpected manners. 

Madame Blue: What is one thing most people would be surprised to know about your brand?

Amélie and Célia: We're 100% independent. Meaning: no bank loans, no investor behind us, just our day to day works that, however challenging it might get from time to time, give us the freedom and ability to keep going, to grow, to try. We give ourselves the license to make lots of mistakes in the development process to hopefully reach perfection when the time comes to launch each collection. 

Madame Blue: What advice would you give to someone else looking to start their own brand?

Amélie: I think I would borrow C.S. Lewis' quote, "Experience is the most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God, do you learn." Because the truth is that, no matter the depth of the research that you do before throwing yourself out there, you don't know the business until you get in it, talk with the experts, providers and above all, your potential clients. It can be tough but it's the most exciting learning curve ever!

Madame Blue: Where do you see L'impatience in 5 years?

Amélie: Our original vision with L'impatience has never been so much about achieving huge volumes and all that. So we would be really happy if, in 5 years, we've achieve to build kind of lovers community: women, from all around the world, who relate to our philosophy, feel close to it and know they can count on us.  We'd like to be part of their universe and daily life as the lingerie brand that makes them feel like a real badass whenever they put a bra on!

On top of that, if we can have the creative freedom to create our patterns for fabrics, explore new paths within lingerie and swimwear and keep having fun in the process, I think it would pretty much be our definition of success.