Scandi Noir: The Timeless Nordic Aesthetic

Photo: @fieniebuhr

Black, black and more black. That is the groundwork in 9/10 Scandinavian girls' wardrobe. Somehow though, they manage to make this dark colour elegant and timeless, with a lightness that would never usually be associated with such a heavy colour. To start out, make sure to own some basic black pieces that you can style with any outfit.

Try this leather jacket from Moss Copenhagen, to throw over any outfit and immediately give it a Danish vibe. A basic black jumpsuit like this one from All Saints is an incredibly easy cheat for a whole outfit. 

Photo: @lealundgren
The Nordic weather may be an underlying reason for the darker wardrobe that the women of these countries sport; darker colors attract heat, and therefore in the long, cold winter months, black is very much a practical choice. Black works equally well in the summer, easily styled as a light summer dress in a shade of black or grey, making a lightweight garment seem more classy and sophisticated.

Lea Lundgren tells Madame Blue that her top tip for a Scandinavian look is a good pair of jeans. 

"If you wear black on the bottom, then anything goes on the top. I'll usually go for a black top, or sometimes white to compliment the look. Otherwise, a pair of blue jeans is a classic look with a black long-sleeved top."

Black is a colour that has never been beaten; it goes well with almost everything and gives a touch of class to any outfit. It seems that the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian women discovered this very early on, and have held on to the timelessness of the monochrome palette.

Photo: @lealundgren
Annika Persson, student and carefree Danish girl tells Madame Blue: 
"I typically go after a simple look. I take inspiration from my friends, family, and of course Instagram." 
Photo: @annikaapersson

The key is this: Scandinavian women live colouful lives, not allowing their clothes to dictate their lives but simply dressing with a simplicity which allows them to fit into everything life throws at them. With Denmark and Norway finding themselves consistently within the top 3 happiest countries in the world, and Sweden in the top 10, it is evident that the Scandinavian girls have no need for bright colours, in order to feel bright themselves. What they need is friendship, family, and beautiful surroundings.

Scandinavia contains some of the world's most beautiful countrysides and landscapes, and by wearing simple, stylish outfits, the women of these countries complement the beauty of their homeland. This is reflected in Scandinavian interior design too, where the focus is on a clean and simple palette, with muted, natural tones, and monochrome furniture.

Photo: @millijaeol