The Fall 2018 Wardrobe Essentials You Should Invest In

By: Salma Ahmed

Sweater, jeans and boots - the lazy outfit we are guilty of wearing time and time again all fall, every fall, despite the endless possibilities that the transitional season brings. 

Having been trend driven for the longest time, it has become hard to have any stable wardrobe pieces. Since trends go out of style as quick as they make it in, most pieces end up in the donation bin just after a few wears.

As you start to cultivate your own style, find might yourself in disagreement with what is considered 'in' and frowning at what the hottest celebrities are wearing. However, if you still find yourself unable to pull together, you probably lack most of the wardrobe essentials needed for effortless outfit combinations.

Below are a few items that you should consider investing in if you are looking to develop a classic timeless fall wardrobe.

1. A Solid Suit


Suits are perfect for the fall time. And depending on their styling they can be suitable for any event, despite the misconception that they are too formal for everyday tasks. Pair a suit with a pair of sneakers, a white t-shirt and scrunched up sleeves and you've got yourself a day look. Ditch the sneakers for a pair of heels or loafers, the t-shirt for a lace top or a bralette and layer some gold necklaces and you're ready for a night out. 

Their versatility and variety have made them a season must have. Bright and patterned suits are definitely head-turners but there is something about a solid colored or a thinly stripped suit that is extremely captivating and bold while still remaining subtle. If you think buying a suit is too much of a commitment, you can always wear the pieces separately. You can never go wrong with a pair of suit trousers and a simple top. 

2. An Old-School Blazer

Blazers made a brief appearance in magazines a few years back when they were the hot new trend and everyone was wearing them. Back then, they were the cheap recreation of what an actual blazer is, they were tight, usually black, and lacked any form of shape or texture, which doesn't really flatter anyone. 

A blazer, an old-school one, is what every woman needs. Oversized, with shoulder pads and an overwhelming amount of buttons, a vintage blazer is a statement piece that should occupy a space in every wardrobe. If you're not fortunate enough to get your hands on an authentic gingham-check piece from the 80's then the remake, slowly making its way onto the racks of shops everywhere could work. Sure, it might not make you feel like you are part of your favorite old-school movie but it's a close second.

3. Button Down Shirts
A button down is the best way to look put together without actually putting much thought into your outfit. Tucked in, tucked out, knotted, tied, unbuttoned - the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling a button down. 

You can play it safe and pair it with jeans or some neutral trousers, but you can also go all out with a bold printed button down paired with an oddly patterned trouser.  The simplicity of the button down makes it the perfect piece to experiment with. Clashing patterns, too much layering or over-accessorizing are only a few bold ideas you can play around with using a button down this fall.  

4. A Leopard Print Piece
©WWD by Kuba Dabrowski
So many of us have this unjustified fear of prints and patterns, so we turn away whenever we spot one, therefore abandoning prints in all their variety, including the beloved leopard print. Very bold yet extremely classy all at once, the leopard print has managed to become a timeless classic despite its striking nature. 

You can start by including it in your outfits very subtly in the form of a pair of loafers, a handbag or even a scarf. Even slightly peaking through, it would elevate any outfit. You can also go all out by incorporating the print more boldly, in a coat, a pair of trousers or a dress. 

These are only few of the classic fall essentials, which are not going to vary from season to season. They are pieces that are worth investing in as you're going to be reaching for time and time again, not only throughout this fall but also throughout your entire life.