5 Ways to Recollect Yourself

At times we find ourselves out of touch with life due to stress and anxiety from work, school and many other responsibilities. Experiencing stress takes a toll on us mentally and physically, causing us to feel drained. In order to take your mind off of things that may be bothering you, participating in activities that allow you to take a break from overthinking is best. Here are five ways to help you recollect yourself and feel better throughout the week.

1. Visit a quaint cafe

Photo via Instagram @tiffwang_
Schedule time to visit a local cafe to just sit and order their special for the day, or anything fitting toward your mood. Consider taking a journal with you and catch up on your entries if you've been slacking. If you want to clear your mind, simply take everything slow. Don't rush yourself to order and don't rush to leave. Take a moment to watch people, for they may bring inspiration to you.

2. Learn a new language
You can find a variety of language books by the Lonely Planet for reasonable prices here.
If your mind is so busy worrying and overthinking, try taking finding a beneficial distraction such as learning a new language. Instead of buying a pricey option like Rosetta Stone, visit your local bookstore or Barnes & Noble to scout language books. There are a variety of different books you may choose from at reasonable prices that can help you learn a new skill. 

3.) Buy a signature item
My current signature item is Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium fragrance. 
Shopping while stressed may not be a good idea for some, but for those of you who have self control, consider looking for a signature item. Whether it be a signature scent that you want to wear or a nice bracelet to adorn your wrist, choosing one nice item that you will cherish may put a pep in your step and help you feel a bit optimistic for the future. 

4. Visit a museum 
The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California is breathtaking. It is spacious and provides beautiful scenery great for finding peace. 
A great way to find inspiration is to look at other works of art. If you are feeling drained creatively, visit a museum. It is best to go alone in order to take your time embracing the art. Instead of wandering and jumping from painting to painting, make a proper round through the museum. Stop at each work of art, read the description card and take a minute to digest what your eyes are feeding you. 

5.) Make tea and light a candle
On a rainy morning, I set up an area on my back porch facing the trees with English Breakfast tea and a woodsy candle burning. 
This is the most simple action on the list. It requires little to no effort. Grab your trusty mug and pick out your favorite tea or try out a new flavor. Choose a location that fits your mood. For example, if you need a breath of fresh air consider setting up outside on your porch or garden area. Drinking tea with a candle lit works just as well inside in your bedroom or living room, whichever you prefer. Turn on some music and grab a good book or magazine to read. Just remember to sip your tea slowly and let the candle surround your senses. 

I truly hope that these stress-relieving activities benefit you. Always remember that nothing lasts forever! Whatever you are dealing with will get better!