Brandon Maxwell: A Vision in Pink

By: Salma Ahmed

With the progression of Fashion Month an overwhelming amount of collections get to grace our screens, making it hard to remember a single show or collection in particular. However, a specific collection had us saving most of its looks on our phones and Pinterest accounts for future reference, whether that means searching for cheaper alternatives at Zara or going to your go-to tailor to duplicate the designs, and that is Brandon Maxwell's.

Maxwell debuted his Spring 2019 ready-to-wear on September 9th and it seemed to take everyone's breath away. The designer had the models strutting down a seemingly endless pink carpet, in garments that had the fashion world buzzing. 
©CR FashionBook
The designer has been flirting with bright colors, mostly pinks, reds and their hues, for a few seasons now, but this collection is his first to be completely color dominated. The eye-catching colors were paired with simple, clean-cut silhouettes and striking accessories. Clear, plastic handbags containing bottles of champagne and hats, silk scarves and even oddly petite handbags made an appearance on Maxwell's runway accompanying his designs.  
The designs were not the only thing that fashion bloggers raved about following the end of the show. The diverse selection of models catered towards Maxwell's favor, especially the 5-month pregnant Lily Aldridge, who strutted down the runway with her bump on show in a tight-fitting red dress.  

©Harpers Bazaar
Despite being dominated by vibrant colors, Maxwell still included some of his old-school all black and all white looks, but he incorporated them into his collection and renovated them by adding a simple pop of color that elevated his monochrome looks. 
©CR FashionBook
All of the models Maxwell sent down the runway had natural, glowy skin and sleek natural hair, fitting his designer aesthetic and the direction of his collection.

The entirety of Maxwell's collection is wearable, other than the plastic handbags, but it would not be surprising seeing them make an appearance on a red carpet. With Maxwell's collection out in the public, we can not wait to see how various A-listers will style the items and make them their own.