Does Paris Fashion Week Deliver the Best Street Style?

By: Valeria Ramos

Of the "Big 3" fashion cities, Paris is probably the one that is most associated with a higher fashion phenomenon. The city is known for its beauty and the people who live in it for their chic sense of style.

With fashion week taking over the city of love, there has been more inspiration circling the streets of Paris than usual. Whether through bright pops of color, clashing prints or more polished and classic French looks, PFW attendees gave photographers more than enough to keep them busy between shows. Here are some of our favorite street style moments courtesy of Phil Oh.

Photos courtesy Phil Oh via

Whoever said less is more has clearly never attended fashion week. Bold fashion statements favor brave fashionistas and are a sure way to ensure a street style snap or two. 

Part of the fun of fashion week (aside from the actual collections, of course) is seeing how everyone puts their twist on current trends and create looks that will set future ones.

The combination of new collections from our favorite designers and street style looks from fashion's finest are more than enough to get one's creative juices flowing when it comes to personal styling. 

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