Fall Nail Trends According to A Celebrity Manicurist

By: Valeria Ramos

Fall is around the corner and Fashion Week has taken over New York City, brining an abundance of inspiration our way. While it's no secret how a great outfit can lift one's spirits and allow them to express themselves, a great manicure can also have the same effect. 

To get an idea of what nail trends are to come this fall, I turned to Julie Kandalec, a celebrity manicurist who's been featured on our site before! Kandalec, the Creative Director of Paintbox Nails,  is a veteran in the nail industry and has worked with enough A-listers and fashion designers to know a thing or two about what makes a good manicure.

Photo courtesy @paintboxnails

 With NYFW coming up, what are some trends we can expect to see on the runway?
I'm seeing lots of almond shaped nails, glitter and embellishments, and glamour. Designers are feeling more daring this season, and I am overjoyed about it!

What are some fall nail styles you are personally loving that people should try out?
I'd love to see more people try the finger art trend in real life! It's only temporary so it is perfect for a concert or event and you can use supersede eyelash adhesives to stick a few gems onto a finger or two. Nail art is so fun - why should it be limited only to the nail plate?

Photo courtesy @paintboxnails

How do you feel that manicures can add to a fashion week collection as well as an everyday look?
Designers want all eyes on the clothes - for as long as possible. Having a visually stimulating nail that goes along with the look can only keep the eye there, and to travel throughout the look, longer. 

For an everyday look, it's more about how it makes you feel. Statistics say you look at your hands hundreds of times a day - make it something that makes you happy to look down at each time!

Photo courtesy @paintboxnails

Do you have a favorite polish at the moment?
Choosing just one would be like choosing a favorite child! I was just in the Italian Riviera and have been feeling very classic lately - so a bright, cherry red like Chanel Rouge Essentiel has been my go-to all summer. 

What are some simple nail care tips you recommend?
Never peel of your gel! If your heels are cracked and dry from walking the beach all summer, heal them with Weleda Skin Food while you sleep. And get a pro mani whenever you can - no DIY mani can ever be as therapeutic as a professional one will be!