How to Dress for the End of Summer

Many may agree that the end of the summer has the most difficult weather to dress for. Between the brisk mornings in which we tug at our sleeves for a little extra warmth on our way to class or work and the heat of the afternoon sun on our way back home, styling an outfit for unpredictable weather can be a challenge.

Here I have incorporated some of my favorite pieces from my summer and autumn wardrobe, and found the perfect way to battle the difficult weather. These outfits can keep you warm for brisk, 50 degree mornings, but also cool enough in the blaze of the 80 degree weather.

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One of my go to outfits for this time in-between seasons is a light t-shirt, a pair of cool linen pants, and some flats or kitten heels. Bonus points if you wear a neutral colored trouser, in light of the upcoming autumn season. This outfit could also easily be a staple for your fall wardrobe when paired with a blazer or leather jacket.

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While this outfit is simple, it remains practical and a classic. A thin cotton button down, could easily be spruced up with a silk neck scarf or a piece of statement jewelry. The exposed chest, or lack thereof, will add to the simplicity and femininity of the look.

For a more formal look, or simply when pants do not seem like an option in the morning, a plaid mini skirt and a light sweater will suit the weather perfectly. Pair this with a pair of black flats or kitten heels, and you'll be feeling your best self all day.

     Meanwhile, Christie Tyler continues inspiring us all with another staple piece this season. Pairing a pair of plaid slacks with a simple top can either be dressed up or down. Accessorizing with this outfit is crucial. 

Share with us your favorite outfit to battle this weather!