The Inclusivity and Importance of Savage X Fenty

By: Megan Wilson

Rihanna pushed the envelope again, but this time it was with her Savage X Fenty lingerie line at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. Unlike other runway shows, Savage X Fenty showed a noticeably diverse range of models from Bella Hadid to Duckie Thot. This show celebrated short and tall women from size 2 to 22, even including two pregnant models.

Photo: Ruvan Wijesooriya

The expectant audience was just as diverse as the models. People were cheering while the models danced and walked down the greenhouse-style runway. The vibe of the show was relaxed as a voice over the speaker talked about celebrating femininity and womanhood.

Photo: JP Yim/Getty

While Rihanna's endeavors in the fashion and beauty industry have been an exception, there are still many brands and fashion houses that won't change their runways and still prefer "traditional" models. It does not come as a surprise that New York Fashion Week has had the most diverse runways over the last three years. The Fashion Spot conducted a diversity report in February after fashion week, which concluded that racial diversity and trans visibility increased but age and size representation stumbled. 

Photo: Nina Westervelt, Brian Ach/Getty, JP Yim/Getty

While things have changed greatly in the industry over the past three years, it is clear there is still a long way to go. In an interview with Vogue, it was revealed that Imaan Hamman does not walk runway shows as much because she exceeds the 34-inch hip regulation. Hammam is clearly very small so this news came as a shock to most people.

"So many times I'd do fittings for shows and then they'd cut me at the last minute," she says in the Vogue article. "I tried to work out, eat healthy-but at a certain point, I had to say,  enough. This is who I am."

Photo: JP Yim/Getty

For someone as renowned as Rihanna to have her own lingerie line at NYFW that celebrated women of different shapes, sizes and colors that don't fit the high fashion mold is a big deal. This celebration of the female body gives people from all over the world something to look up to and shows them that they are beautiful and their dreams are valid. We can only hope other brands will follow her lead.