Things You Should Do This Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to get inspired and motivated. Every season, I like to come up with a little list I believe I should do and I wanted to share it with you guys to hopefully give you ideas of your own list or even follow mine.

1. Do Something You've Always Wanted To Do

It can be something you were scared to do because of the judgment of others or just something you haven't got around to doing. I cultivated a list to help get your mind thinking about things you want/need to do.
☁ Finally, post on your blog, or start one
☁ Start up a Youtube Channel
☁ Showcase your talent online (art, fashion, or anything!)
☁ Get that new hairstyle you have been dying to try
☁ Change your wardrobe 
☁ Journal
☁ Redecorate your room
☁ Ask the person you are interested in out!
☁ Read

2.  Have a Self-Care Day

My specialty. Dedicate at LEAST one day this autumn to really focus on yourself and be gentle. We are always so worried about everything but ourselves. Hopefully, this list will help you think about ways you can treat yourself to a day all about YOU, we deserve it.

☁ Wake up earlier than you usually do 
☁ Make a breakfast that you put time and love in (also get that Instagram photo)
☁ Run a hot bath with lots of bubbles and music
☁ Go outside and read
☁ Create a vision board
☁ Write down goals for this year or the next
☁ Manifest your future
☁ Light your favorite candle
☁ Drink a green smoothie
☁ Get creative with your dinner and be extra: put candles out, wine glasses, everything!
☁ Go to a coffee shop by yourself, journal and absorb your surroundings
☁  Got the money? Book a massage or even a facial
☁ Purchase one thing off your wishlist

3.  Organize Your Music Playlist

A perfected Autumn music playlist is a must! In the future when you are walking and taking in the changes that are happening to the leaves, the air and your so wrapped up in the beauty, you will need good background noise. Here are 3 songs I catch myself specifically loving around this time, maybe they can find there way into your playlist.

☁ Roslyn x Bon Iver
☁ Paris x Tigers In The Sky
☁ Two Weeks x Grizzly Bear

4. Take a Trip To An Art Museum

This one is pretty simple. There is something about Autumn that makes Art Museum's so much more enjoyable and romantic. Bonus if it's raining.

5. Then, Of Course, Decorate

You HAVE to decorate for the season and the holiday. Why would you not want to come home to a nicely decorated room/house and just feel cozy? Here are a few things I believe should be included in Autumn decor:

☁ Candles, the most obvious 
☁ Fairy Lights
☁ Art pieces that remind you of the season
☁ Books: make a little book section in a spot that is cozy and you can cuddle up to when it's raining outside while indulging in a book
☁ At least one Autumn inspired pillow
☁ Clothing Rack that shows your sweater and turtleneck collection

It honestly doesn't have to be autumn inspired, and can be decor that makes you feel at home!
Take this season as an excuse to reinvent, love and work on yourself, we don't do it enough.