Animal Prints and Bold Colors: Behind the Reappearance of Fashion Trends

By Mireya Pérez
Seoul’s FW Street Style. Photo: Garbagelapsap

We have been seeing particular trends everywhere for a while, and they have resurfaced at SS19 fashion shows in cities all around the globe. Animal print, bell-bottoms, bright colors, and very 80’s looking couture seems to be the rule for this season and they're taking over our closets. But, where are these trends coming from? First, let’s start with the basics: what is a trend?

A trend is a social process. You’ll probably start noticing it on Instagram once it’s gaining popularity. Most of these trends start in large cities (London, New York, Paris, Seoul) and many of them start at runways. But again, how do these trends start? And why does it feel like it's all one big conspiracy to make your trousers uncool every two years?
Moscow’s FW Street Style. Photo: hypebeast
It’s not a secret; we live in a primarily visual culture. We consume through images, we want what we see, and fashion is a constant cycle of innovation and emulation. You’ll wonder if fashion is in a constant process of innovation, who are the innovators and what are we emulating, then? The list goes from big designers, big brands, to smaller ones, students, or even normal people who might be onto something. And what we’re emulating, you have probably already guessed it: we get inspiration from TV, films, art, social media. 

I myself remember seeing the animal print peek through my instagram feed at the beginning of the year. Now, during this past few weeks at every fashion week we have been seeing 80's inspired clothing filling the runways: leather, furs, corduroy, you name it. The innovators have decided what’s trending and we’re adopting it.

NYFW, Tom Ford. Photo: Faye Fearon

And it’s not a coincidence it’s the 80’s turn to make a reappearance this time; this year we have witnessed the revival of some 80's TV and film cult favorites like Star Wars, Blade Runner and The Heathers. Shows like Stranger Things, which premiered on Netflix two years ago, had and still have an impact on what we are wearing. In terms of fashion, there will always be a fascination with decades one has missed. Perhaps designers are offering the younger generations a modernized taste of the old times, and we are embracing it.

“To a certain extent, the job —the fashion world— is all about navigating between the past and what you expect for the future, and the clash between the two. The place they conflict is the present” — Nicolas Ghesquière.
London’s FW Street Style. Photo: sticksandstonesagency

As a result, not only is it on runways, but also in your closest chains of affordable clothing. Brands like Zara, Primark and Forever 21 are bringing affordable runway inspired looks to the streets. Once the 80's trends are all over, what will come next?

Still form Zara’s AW18 Collection, VHS format, 80's inspired.